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NURTURE - Self Care is not what you think

An Empty Lantern Provides No Light. Self Care is your fuel that allows your light to shine.

I use to think self care was time out, manicures, bubble baths and massages, and although these are wonderful practices, these are not what I consider my regular acts of self care. And by regular acts of self care, I mean things I do daily to take care of my mental and spiritual well-being.

What are you doing today to take care of you, to be the best version of yourself you can be and allow your light to be the beacon? Do you sparkle, or has a dull veneer settled over your shine?

Its time to take stock and see where a daily self care routine can help boost your radiance.


These are a daily tool I use, they change as my needs change, depending on which area I am working on for growth, or in the area I am experiencing the most amount of fear. I say these directly after brushing my teeth (Morning, Noon and Night) while I am still looking at myself in the mirror, very weird at first and kind of confronting, but powerful as you go on in this as a regular practice. The steadfast one I never stray from is "Anthea, I Love You" this has helped me undo years of self hatred which has shown up in my life in so many forms from a deep belief I am unlovable, to I am unworthy, to being in a cycle of constant struggle financially because I didn't believe I was worth abundance.


This little cracker of a daily tool I use at night time to book end my day (next point will be the first book end of what I do in the morning) I ask myself the following questions.

What are three things I did well today?

What are three things I could improve on today?

Was I quick to anger?

Did I live in gratitude?

Did I treat others as I would like to be treated?

Do I need to apologise to anyone?

What corrective measures do I need to take?

I then give thanks to the universes for the blessing of the day and the insight I have just received.


This is my morning book end, this is where I write a list of 10 things I have to be grateful for today. I try not to get into an auto repeat here, I tried to keep it current and change it up daily.

My Gratitude List Today

  1. My upcoming yoga class with Cailey, my favourite teacher

  2. My renewed commitment to clean eating

  3. My ability to pay for my rego transfer on my new car

  4. For Pipers kisses and morning wakeup of her gentle paws

  5. For Harlem's stinky morning breath and nose licks

  6. For money in the bank to buy healthy food

  7. For the thought of a beautiful Earl Grey tea shortly

  8. For the thought of my afternoon swim in the ocean to come

  9. For the smell of the salt air on the morning breeze

  10. For the fan cooling my skin on this warm morning.

This allows me to take a grateful heart into each day, if I begin the day with gratitude, its harder to be and a*!ehole


I have a pretty solid practice in meditation, twice daily. But that wasn't always the case. You can see my previous blog on how to meditate. Start small, set a timer for 2 minute and just count in for 4, hold and out for 4, hold. Explore, find what works for you, there are so many ways, there is no right or wrong. As a start there are some fantastic guided meditation on Insight Timer #insighttimer

Now, truth be told, it took me a while to build up to all four of these practices, so as not to overwhelm yourself, start with one first, do that for a week, then add the next one in and so on. Good Luck and Go Out and Be BRILLENTLY BRIGHT.

Love, Anthea. The Urban Well.

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